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Help me identify my siding? (shingles, painting, smell, asbestos ,

Also, some photos of where the siding is broken or bent, it seems that asbestos tile would chip and break easily, not bend along the grain...

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Shingles | Mesothelioma and Asbestos Hazard - Mesothelioma

Roofers working with asbestos shingles could be at risk for mesothelioma , National Gypsum Chromatone Siding Shingles, 1954, 1968 National Gypsum....

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Asbestos identification photo guide to building materials

Master Photo Guide to Asbestos-containing Products & Materials , The material is quite similar to cement asbestos roof shingles and siding, and was produced....

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Asbestos Siding 101 - Asbestos Siding

Learn about the dangers and safety precautions necessary with asbestos siding, as well as tips and guides to removing it from your home...

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Asbestos in Siding Materials - How to identify asbestos-cement wall ,

Photo guide to asbestos-containing siding products: Cement Asbestos Siding Fibrous asbestos cement products [FAC Fibro or AC sheeting in Australia] - China....

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Asbestos Pictures | AsbestosTestingau

Asbestos pictures to assist the identification of asbestos containing materials in buildings...

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A Listing of Asbestos Products by Manufacturing Company

Asbestos-containing products manufactured or distributed by companies for use in the American marketplace , Chromatone Siding Shingles, (1954-1968)...

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Manufacturers Who Used Asbestos - Cappolino Dodd Krebs LLP

Image of smoke stacks , Those who have prolonged, heavy or excessive exposure to asbestos that occurs during many industrial and , Panels (1954-1981); Asbestone Roofing (1954-1981); Chromatone Siding Shingles (1954-1968)...

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