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M18A1 Claymore-antipersoneelsmijn - Wikipedia

US M18a1 claymore minejpg , De M18A1 Claymore is een gerichte antipersoneelsmijn, gebruikt door het leger van de Verenigde Staten , genomen onder de naam M18 Claymore en er werden er ongeveer 10000 van geproduceerd...

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FM 23-23: Antipersonnel Mine M18a1 And M18 (Claymore) - Chptr 2 ,

Mine (1) Nomenclature Mine, antipersonnel, M18A1 (2) Common name CLAYMORE (3) Type Antipersonnel (4) Weight 3 1/2 pounds (5) Dimensions 8 1/2....

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M18 Claymore mine - Wikipedia

The M18A1 Claymore is a directional anti-personnel mine developed for the United States Armed Forc Its inventor, Norman MacLeod, named the mine after a....

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Inert: Militaria | eBay

, 60mm M302 White Phosphorus mortar round This replica is cast from one of our handmade silicone molds, which was created from a demilled 60mm M302 r...

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M18 Claymore

5 Jan 1999 , The M18 Claymore, a directional fragmentation mine, is 8-1/2 inches long, 1-3/8 inches wide, 3-1/4 inches high, and weighs 3-1/2 pounds...

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INERT PRODUCTS, LLC - Inert Explosive Training Products, IED ,

, replica ordnance and artillery, replica grenades, rockets, inert missles, inert grenades, replica landmines and limpet mines, inert pyrotechnics, simulated IEDs,....

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